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About us
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Who are Timeout?

We are a small exclusive tour company, who since 2004

have specialised in hiking in the Scottish Highlands.

Small groups, with a maximum of 12 participants,

is what we are known for.

Trine Pettigrew is the owner of the company, and also

stands as a tour guide on most of the trips.

Trine and the other guides on the Timeout team all have

great local knowledge, cultural understanding, language

skills and many years of experience in trekking in the


The team's love for scenic Scotland, and their

passion for trekking and outdoor life ensures that all

tours and treks with Timeout are unforgettable.

        See you out there!

        Timeout team

Treks and Art Retreats in Scotland

Timeout Travel

About Trine Pettigrew

Trine Pettigrew is a small business life coach who helps people find their own path in life. As an experienced counsellor and therapist, Trine started her coaching business in 2012 to help men and woman find or rediscover their  passion in life or to make life changing decisions- as well as guiding teenagers through art therapy, in order to find their own worth and motivation in the sometimes confusing years as a young adult.

Prior to this business adventure, Trine spend over ten years working as a counsellor/therapist, mediator and art teacher/workshop leader.  Today Trine offers a wide range of coaching programs and services-from individual coaching, to seminars and group art workshops and hikes.

To contact Trine, please email info@timeouttravel.dk