Mixed Media Painting Workshop

1 and 2 day workshops in Denmark and Sweden

£ 120 (2 day)

£60 (1 day)







Day 1


As this workshop takes place in June, we will be working out of doors. But even with shelter to protect our paintings, we still hope for sunny weather.

We meet up at 10am, get ourselves unpacked and settled in for two days of creative fun.

After a short introduction of me and all of you, the day starts with a little theory.



We all make our own colour wheel, and talk about colours. The primary ones, secondary, opposites, complementary, cold and warm colours.

I will answer questions often asked:

"Why does my palette always turn brown?"

"How do I mix an olive green?"

"How come some colours attract me, and others do not?"




Tea and coffee are incl.

Bring your own lunch.



Lets paint!

The motive is yours to choose, But MUST be an animal, with wings! Bird, insect, dragon.......

Your motive is part of the material list.


Day 2

We start the day by looking at yesterday paintings. We address any thoughts that may have arisen during the night.

Today's fixed choice of motive is given.






We paint!


We end the two days, evaluating and admiring each others paintings, with a small "private exhibition" and a little glass of wine.


List of materials to bring:

Two 60x80cm canvas's.

Acrylic's Red, Blue, Yellow and White.

Old credit card. (other plastic card)

Paint brush

Medium gel Glue (white glue)

Napkins with motives and colors that attract you.

Old cloth or kitchen towel.

Old shirt to work in.

White dinner plate, to use as palette.

Charcoal, watercolors', markers...any type of writing/drawing materials you already have at home. (not a must)




Hope to see you again.


  20/04/2013 - Sweden 
  01/06/2013 - 02/06/2013  Denmark      
  08/06/2013 -  09.06/2013 Denmark
  05/10/2013 - 06/10/2013  Denmark 
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