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The Timeout team has developed a helpful packing list for our guests when packing for the trip. The packing guide contains items that are useful to bring along on a hike in the Highlands.

NOTE: It is not strictly necessary to invest in new gear for your trip, often you’ll already have much to it at home.

For the hiking days we recommend the following:

1 x approx. 30 litre backpack

1 x Good hiking boots

1 x Waterproof jacket and trousers

1 x Hiking Sticks

1 x Flask

1 x Thermos

1 x Camera

1 x Binoculars

1 x Midge repellent

1 x Sunglasses

1 x Sunscreen

1 x Wet wipes / toilet paper

1 x Rain cover for your backpack

Plastic bags to protect personal belongings: passport, money, tickets, etc.

Clothes for the hike:

- Lightweight hiking trousers, and possibly shorts. Jeans are not recommended.

  1. -Moisture wicking T-Shirts

  2. -Fleece

  3. -Hiking Socks

  4. -Wind / Waterproof Jacket

  5. -Hat

  6. -Gloves

  7. -Scarf

For The Great Glen Way, you also need a small set of art supplies. You will be given a ‘beginners pack’ on arrival. 

The package contains:

1 journal, 1 set of colours, 1 brush, 1 pen, 1 glue stick

Further info on art supplies will be given when booking.

A typical day on the trail ...

After enjoying our breakfast and packing our daypacks and suitcases, we’ll gather at the reception of the B&B around 8.30 am to 8.45 am.

Together we’ll run through the day's route on the map and arrange the first meeting point where we will gather on the route. It is important that everyone finds their own walking pace, therefore we will gather several times during the day.

The tour leader will usually walk at the back of the group to make sure everyone is included, but in some cases, eg. where there is difficult orientation, it may happen that they go to the front.

At the first meeting place we’ll take a short break for some water. There we’ll arrange where to take our lunch break. Lunch is usually for about an hour. After lunch we continue, and depending on the day's route we might take another break, otherwise we finish the route and meet at the pub!

NB - On the Great Glen Way we have a fixed time-out every afternoon and evening, see description.

We would like to point out that the task of tour leader is a great responsibility on a hike. Timeout therefore asks for full co-operation from our guests. We also ask that each participant will assist with and respect the leader’s decisions. It is also important to emphasise that each participant is responsible for their own safety, and to remember to keep ears and eyes open during the hike.

We look forward to seeing you!

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