1/2 The West Highland Way - 48.5 miles

8 days. Guided Group Walking, light to moderate

This world famous trek follows the northern part of the Scottish walk The West Highland Way. The route begins in Crianlarich and ends in Fort William. Every day we walk to a new place (average 10m per day) , staying at small privately owned hotels, inns and B & B's. On this unforgettable trek you will experience the magnificent highland scenery, unique hospitality and inviting flavours! The West Highland Way offers a unique ambience with beautiful rock formations, lochs, heather-clad hills, sheep, highland cattle and whisky!

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Mixed media painting Workshop
"Why does my colour palette always turn out muddy?"
"How can I make my painting seem warm?"
"I can't get the mood that I am looking for in my painting"
"My painting looks dull...what do I do?"
These and many more questions are some that we will address and hopefully find the answers to.
In the course of the two day workshop, we will mix and blend colours and techniques on to canvas.
Materials such as acrylics, ink, glue, paper, fabric etc. are some of the things that we will be working with and you will come away with your own personal painting style.
Two finished paintings to take home, and I hope, a lot of inspiration.

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Tailored treks, Sponsored trips and Team-building

If you have any special requests concerning   group tours, other than what timeout already has on offer, or company trips, team-building days, treks, retreats etc. please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Mixed Media Collage 

"Who am I?"

Creative Collage Workshop.
Tutor, Life Coach and Art Teacher Trine Pettigrew.

These one day workshops, will focus on getting to know yourself, in a creative way.
A small journey towards "Who am I?" put into a collage.
We will use different techniques and materials, paper, paints and glue etc.
You will walk away from the workshop, maybe a little wiser and hopefully with new inspiration.

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Pink Ribbon Trek

In 2009 Timeout and a group of  fundraisers set out into the Scottish Highlands to support the

'Pink Ribbon' Breast Cancer Campaign.

They threw themselves into The West Highland Way,

dressed in pink T-shirts (both men and women!) and

hiked the long route in support of the good cause.

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Treks and Art Retreats in Scotland

Timeout Travel

“Trust the Journey”
Creative Art Journaling Weekend Workshops Lismore, Scotland.
Creative Art Journal Course with daily teaching by Art Mediator/therapist Trine Pettigrew.

These weekend workshops will explore your creativity and self understanding –  and ultimately a path to Mental Wellness -through Creative Art Journaling and Mixed Media techniques. 
The Isle of Lismore is not only a beautiful source of inspiration, but also the perfect backdrop for a three day Timeout.
Working creatively and with guidance by experienced Art Mediator Trine Pettigrew you will find your own personal focus point. From this discovery, you will work a full day to create a Mixed Media Painting, your very own “Trust the Journey”.

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